° Week 1 | EmployID Peer Coaching Concept

Welcome to week one of the Peer Coaching Online Course!

EmployID is a European research project funded by the European Union’s Seventh Framework Programme for research, technological development and demonstration.

We try to empower Public Employment Services with Innovative Social Learning Solutions such as this peer coaching concept and training. If you are interested in what we do further check out our website employid.eu  🙂

To learn more about the team who created this online course, check here:  EmployID Peer Coaching Team.

Week 1



    • read through all of the material (see asynchronous activities)
    • Tweet us using #PeerCoachingOC to say “Hi!” and tell us why you are interested in Peer Coaching.
    • If you contact us for a private version of the course it is possible to receive open badges and a certificate for completing assignments.


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