Reflective Practice

With Tutors Oliver Blunk and Michael Prilla

Every day we create lots of new experiences from our interactions with others, in our job and in our life. Sometimes they are bad, and we want to find out why and learn how to improve in the future. Sometimes they are good, and we want to preserve the way we acted. Focusing on experiences and learning from them is called reflection.

These materials will teach you various techniques for deliberately reflecting on an experience, or for reflecting together with colleagues. We will teach you what the cornerstones of reflection are and what aspects you need to focus on in order to become a reflective practitioner.  However, it will not be all theory: We will show you tools such as reflective writing in personal journals or reflection groups to put your knowledge into practice to help you learn from your daily experiences.

This material also contains some practical exercises in which you can train your reflection capabilities in a safe space.

Overall Learning Objective

To know how to actively utilize reflection on purpose in your daily life in order to learn from your experiences.

Reflection Tools and Techniques

Reflective Writing; Journals, Diaries and Group Support

Other Reflective Tools and Techniques

Facilitation and Moderation of Reflection

Reflection on Learning