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Task – Exploring Technical Creativity



You have just been asked by your line manager to take on the leadership of a working group set up to look at how the range of client services you offer could be developed or expanded. The previous co-ordinator has recently moved to a new job in another part of the country.


The group was established 18 months ago (in response to an external inspection report that criticized the organization for it’s lack of innovation) but so far the group has not really come up with anything useful. Privately, you – and many others – think it is a complete waste of time and should probably be disbanded.


However, your line manager has other ideas. There will be another inspection at the end of the year and they will expect to see improvements. She also knows that financial cutbacks are likely together with a possible restructuring.


Despite its apparent lack of success so far, she still feels that this working group is crucial if new products and new ways of doing things are to be developed.


The task


Your task is to think of ways in which you can energise this group and help them become more creative.


Specifically you will:

  • Find out how creative the group actually is and what is blocking them
  • Learn about different approaches to developing creativity in groups or teams
  • Use a range of tools and techniques to stimulate creativity
  • devise creative and imaginative solutions to problems, and help you to spot opportunities that you might otherwise miss.


Often the only difference between creative and uncreative people is self-perception. Creative people see themselves as creative and give themselves the freedom to create. Uncreative people do not think about creativity and do not give themselves the opportunity to create anything new. We hope these ideas have helped you think about yourself as being one of the creative people!


You should also remember that however creative you are, it will all be wasted unless you implement the outcomes of your team’s work so you may want to look at ideas around


  • Developing Action Plans
  • Managing Change