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Using a microphone

Don’t fiddle with the mic – if it is a hand held mic, hold it comfortably and firmly then don’t move it because it will pick up sounds of your hands moving, changing over etc.

If you are using a wired mic, try to make sure that the cable is not coiled around on itself or crossing other cables as this can cause interference

If it is a hand held mic, keep hold of it at all times. If you are interviewing using a hand held mic, never give the mic to the interviewee, you hold it for them.

The right distance to hold the mic is about one hand’s width away from your mouth.

Audio recording software

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For Mac users, Garage Band contains everything you need to record and edit live audio. You can also use the inbuilt library of sound to make your own jingles, loops and stings or use it for a backing track.

Our other favourite software is Audacity, its free and works on PCs and Macs. It does everything you need it to but you will have to create your own library of creative commons, license free or home made sounds if you want to make music with it.

There’s a Pinterest board here with sources of music you can use.

Planning your audio

Some things to consider before you start –

Will your video have audio?

Will it be spoken live or recorded separately and added afterwards?

Can your camera record without audio? (If not it can be taken out in the edit.)

Have you got audio recording software?

Do you want background music?

Do you know what you can and can’t use in terms of music, sounds (and pictures)?

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