Welcome to the Open Online Course in Producing and Editing Video for Online Learning Environments or VideOOC.


How does it work?

These are the materials used for a six week pilot course in September 2015.

Each week we held a live event such as a webinar, fm, Skype or Google Hangout.

Each weeks lesson will consists of essential content, required reading, an essential activity and optional extra activities.

You are welcome to browse and use the materials under our creative commons license.

Course Aims

The aim of the course is to assist you in learning to plan, shoot, edit and share video content.

By the end of the six weeks you will have produced a short training video describing/showcasing your area of expertise.

(We are also using this as a pilot course for the project so we will be learning from you by collecting data to help us improve this course and to help us make other courses in future.)

Week by week overview

Week 1) Planning

Week 2) Shooting

Weeks 3-5) Editing

Week 6) Sharing

Keen to get started?

Take part in the pre-OOC activities;

  • Find the course home page. (You’re here, well done!)
  • Introduce yourself in using an instant video app like Animoto or by making a comic with something like Pixton (or whatever else you wish to use) and share the link with us either in the comments below or via Twitter (use hashtags #EmployID #videooc). Here’s mine!
  • Send a Tweet to introduce yourself using #EmployID #videOOC
  • Reply to each other’s Tweets and comment on each other’s introductions.

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