Peer Coaching Online Tool

In order to do peer coaching online, EmployID has developed an online-tool to facilitate EmployID peer coaching.

What is EmployID peer coaching?

EmployID peer coaching, is a collegial coaching format for mutually support of colleagues and peers in Public Employment Services. But of course the tool is also for interested people from other working and learning sectors.
For giving each other support, you and your collleagues or peer need to learn about the EmployID peer coaching process and about the core skills.
You can do this by working yourself through our 3 week public online course here.

For a quick update, watch this:

How does the EmployID peer coaching online tool work?

Further help for using the tool can be found here.

You can get access to the online tool here:

The EmployID Peer Coaching Online Tool [upcoming]

Please note that this is a research project. We are still further enhancing the tool at the current state. This is our current public test-version.

I already have a tool for coaching:

You have your own tool for online-coaching? Or you would rather use for internal communication tools for peer coaching?

Great! You can use the peer coaching process also in other tools.

Before using your organizational communication tool for peer coaching check if the data is protected and only the peer coaching group has access to the process material.

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