Peer Coaching Course Team

That’s us!


Academic staff, trainer, business and online coach

Hello! My Name is Carmen (as some of you already know) and I created this Peer Coaching Online Course together with my colleagues who will also introduce themselves. I am a certified Business Coach and CAI®-certified Online-Coach, additionally I work for EmployID as academic staff at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) at the moment and I am in the end phase of my PhD. I lead the training and capacity building in EmployID and the peer coaching activities.


Careers practitioner, Trainer, Researcher & Policy Adviser

Hello! My name is Deirdre . I have worked in the field of career guidance and counseling for over 30 years. I am passionate about improving the life chances of young people and adults through effective careers dialogue. I have worked extensively in the UK, EU and internationally on career developments policy, research and practice. It’s terrific being part of the EMPLOYID Team because we are working with practitioners and managers to support their everyday practice. I thoroughly enjoy training and look forward to working with you!


Hi, I’m John Marsh, I worked for the DWP until I retired in 2015. I was a Learning and Development professional and worked mainly on skills learning. I was fortunate to be able to design some of the notable L&D products for DWP e.g. Solution Focused Approach and Claimant Commitment (which was delivered to 26000 staff and for which I received a favourable mention in Hansard). I was DWPs Project Manager for MOOC 1 (another course in the EmployID project).

Prior to L&D I was a Jobcentre Manager and District Customer Services Manager. As a JCM I managed Work Coaches, Disability Employment Advisers and front line staff. As DCSM I ensured that my District achieved and adhered to the Mystery Shopper programme.

I have also been a Marketing Officer, DWP qualified Staff Trainer as well as a qualified NVQ Assessor.



Trainer, EmployID Academy developer

Hi I’m Angela! I work for a Welsh education research company called Pontydysgu. I specialise in education technology, open badges and creating online teaching and learning resources. I’ll be providing technical support for this and other EmployID Academy courses.

Further team members of the peer coaching team are:



Hi I’m Christine! I also work for the Welsh education research company Pontydysgu and as a freelance consultant in areas around human resource development. I have a particular focus on motivational aspects in the context of knowledge development at the workplace.



Hi, I am Andreas, and I work for Karlsruhe University of Applied Sciences in areas of knowledge management, technology-enhanced learning, and enterprise social media. My background is computer science. My group has developed the peer coaching online tool.


Trainer, Coach

Hi, I am Pablo (as some of you already know) and I am part of the EmployID Peer Coaching Team. I am a certified Business Coach by ICF and additionally I work for Enzyme Advizing Group. I do training on peer coaching in EmployID together with Deirdre and Carmen.