Peer Coaching Concept (HZZ)

Welcome to week one of the Peer Coaching Online Course!

Hello! My Name is Carmen (as some of you already know) and I will lead you through this Peer Coaching Online Course and the synchronous activities. I am a certified Business Coach and CAI®-certified Online-Coach additionally I work for EmployID as academic staff at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) at the moment.

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If you have any questions you can either post a comment in the comment section (below), or by clicking on the big plus (+) button along the text to link your question directly to the part you want to ask about. You can also post your questions, concerns or ideas directly in our integrated forum in the section that is reserved for this (“Questions & Ideas”). If you do not want to post your question within the learners group you can contact me and my colleague Pablo, using this email address: coaching[at]

The activities for this week are all asynchronous and can be done time- and location-independent as it fits to your time-schedule.A lot of the content is open content from the web. For further peer coaching online courses some own material is already produced and in production.
We will start from the scratch, so that there is no need of prerequisites.
We (the Peer Coaching group within EmployID) are looking forward to building up EmployID peer coaching groups with you!

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Week 1 Activities

Asynchronous activities

    • Coaching Basics
    • EmployID peer coaching concept
    • EmployID self-coaching

Synchronous event

  • No synchronous event this week!



    • read through the material (see asynchronous activities)
    • find examples for e-coaching you would like to share with the group in Google Drive (you do not need to have an account, just follow the link!!!)
    • Give feedback on this weeks material!


  • to receive current news on e-coaching sign up for Stella Kanatouri’s Blog on E-Coaching in LinkedIn, wordpress or simply view it monthly
  • in future courses there will be a published EmployID Glossary for EmployID Academy on Coaching, E-Coaching, Peer Coaching and Self-Coaching which is currently under construction


All resources are collected here.

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