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Welcome to the OOC on Peer Coaching for EmployID Academy!
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How will it work?

Soon a new peer coaching online course will start here!

In the beginning there will be a lot of asynchronous activities and in week 5 we will start with synchronous events to practice on the EmployID peer coaching concept.
Each weeks lesson will consist of essential content, required reading, an essential activity and optional extra activities.

Course Aim

The aim of the course is to assist you in learning the peer coaching concept and how to do peer coaching yourself.
By the end of the seven weeks you will have had your first peer coaching sessions online together with other learners of the course.
(This (M)OOC is also meant to be a first testing of the training on peer coaching for WP 8 deliverable of EmployID project and therefore requires your feedback, your ideas and concerns.)

Week by week overview

Week 1) Introduction
Week 2) Peer Coaching
Week 3) Abilities, skills, competences
Week 4) Self-Coaching
Week 5) Preparation Peer Coaching Group
Week 6) Peer Coaching Group Kick-off
Week 7) Reflection on learning

Keen to get started?

  • Introduce yourself and let us know why you are taking this course. What is your motivation? Please comment in the comment section below or tweet us with #peercoachingOC

1 thought on “Peer Coaching

  1. Hi,

    I’m taking this course as I feel it will help me remain more positive whilst dealing with issues.

    I’m dealing with long term unemployed people daily and I need to be able to find out what the problem is for clients in getting back to work, then perhaps change their pattern of thought and finally find a solution to their problem.

    My motivation is that if I can assist one person move back into employment or  progress into something new for them  that I will have achieved something worthwhile.

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