Reply To: What is Coaching?


Hi Erik,

I agree with you, the peer coaching process is a group problem solving activity with equal input from all participants. When someone specifically asks for a solution then the supporters role changes from ‘coach’ to ‘advisor’ It’s all about flexibility and the coaches ability to recognise different situations. The ideal is for a coaching situation which empowers the coachee. However real life dictates that we have to adopt to different situations.

The ‘why’ question needs to be used very carefully when in a coach situation. For example: ‘Why did you do that?’ can make the responder defensive and they may feel they need to justify their actions. However, the question, ‘Why do you feel that this approach may be more effective than that approach?’ is more open and, if asked correctly, does not carry any threat. I agree, the ‘why’ question, if used, needs to be handled very sensitively.

Thank you for your comment Erik.