Reply To: What is Coaching?

Erik Jentges

Hi everyone. About two years ago I started “shadowing” a coach to see how he was coaching students (with written questions/comments on a learning diary) and facilitating peer coaching sessions. I did get the idea that the role is about creating a space and an atmosphere of reflection. So in written coaching, the most important thing for me to learn was to write “open” questions to start reflection like “how did you approach this/that…?” instead of “did you …?” Also, questions with a “why” can be difficult as they can elicit justifications and can block change-making or learning opportunities.
What should not be done in coaching is becoming a “consultant” and giving answers or solutions. Point of discussion: Except when a client explicitly asks for this and the coaching process has truly and consciously ended. Only then, a different role can be taken up (after all, I don’t need to be a coach for a client all my life). How do you see that?