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In this unit you will learn more about what is necessary to form a peer coaching group. Without further training you will probably not be ready to practice the entire peer coaching process just yet, but you could practice some of the techniques in a group. (You can learn more about the whole peer coaching process in our 3 week course here)

What do you need for peer coaching with your colleagues?


  • You have participated in EmployID peer coaching online course OR you are a professional/practicing coach and informed yourself about the peer coaching process.

  • You are motivated to facilitate others learning and you are also interested in bringing in your own challenges.

  • You accepted the code of ethics for your peer coaching group OR actively created this code of ethics and then accepted it.

  • You are okay with organizing the first sessions (e.g., meeting schedule, facilities, moderation of the group).

How do you start a peer coaching group?

There are different possibilities to start a peer coaching group:

  • Ask other participants of a peer coaching training (e.g. peer coaching online course of EmployID) if they want to participate in your peer coaching group.

    • Either ask participants directly (personally) or

    • write a post in the comments, that you are searching for members for your peer coaching group

  • Ask other peer coaching interested colleagues to take the next peer coaching course of EmployID or use the open one to start with you a peer coaching group.

Testimonials of peer coaching training

Comments on Public Employment practicioners from Public Employment Services in Slovenia and Croatia on EmployID peer coaching and the peer coaching training.

Practice EmployID Peer Coaching  process with our self-coaching approach

Now this introduction on how to start a peer coaching group was very theoretical and you need clearly some more input on that. And you might not be able to join a peer coaching course yourself… so, to ensure that you benefit from the peer coaching process without a training course we have provided you a self-coaching process that is conceptualized to fit the peer coaching process. You can do this on your own whenever you need it.

Phase 1: Problem & situation

  • Which concern would you like to work on?

  • How would you describe the actual problem curtly and bold?

  • What have you tried so far to solve the problem?

  • How far are other persons concerned by the problem situation?

  • Can you feel the problem physically or spring suitable pictures or metaphors to your mind?

  • If your problem is solved optimal, how will you recognize it?

Phase 2: Vision, resources

  • Imagine you’re on holiday and your problem has been solved overnight. What happened to solve your problem?

    • How do you feel now that the problem is solved?

    • Can you feel anything physically after the problem is solved? What do you feel?

    • Which thoughts are running through your mind now that the problem is solved?

Phase 3: Collecting resources

  • What helped you in past resembling situations?

  • Search for resources that could help you in the current situation.

    • Think of internal resources such as strengths, values, capabilities.

    • Think of external resources such as other persons, communities, tools.

Phase 4: Setting goals

  • How will you recognize in your actual situation that the problem has been solved?

  • What’s different?

  • Which goals can you derive for your concern?

    • To which part of my concern refers the goal?

    • How can I notice that I have reached my goal?

    • How attractive and challenging is reaching the goal for myself?

    • How realistic is my goal?

    • Till when is the goal to be reached?

Phase 5: Solution & next steps

  • How can you put your goal/ goals into practice?

  • What are possible steps?

Now, you can start your Self-Coaching right away!

One step further: Receiving feedback!

If you want you can improve your Self-Coaching process by getting others involved in giving you feedback just like in the peer coaching.

In Phase 3 ask others (collagues, friends, family) about what they think are your internal and external resources. You can also take the resource wheel as help.

After clarifying the goal, you can ask others (colleagues, friends, family, even strangers) on their ideas for solutions and next steps.

EmployID Peer Coaching Online Tool

As an additional information we want to present to you the peer coaching online tool in short.

To support peer coaching done over distance we developed an online-tool which is available in a beta version.

Interest in further details on concept, training and tool? Contact us!

Are you interested in having a peer coaching practice implemented in your organization?

Do you want detailed information on peer coaching training or the EmployID peer coaching tool and how we implement peer coaching into Public Employment Services so far?

Then contact your tutor Carmen by emailing employid.mooc@gmail.com

We also have a handbook on concept, training and tool implementation.


EmployID Academy (2016). Open Peer Coaching Online Course. URL: http://mooc.employid.eu/courses/

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