Week 2 | Shooting

Welcome to week two!

To get started, read through the asynchronous activities by clicking the links below. There will be a one hour webinar on Wednesday morning (9.30 UK, 10.30 CET) which will be recorded.

Please use the comments  and twitter #videOOC to discuss what you are learning and please leave feedback about all aspects of the course. Remember this is a pilot course and we are all learning!




Week 2 Activities

Asynchronous activities

Synchronous event

One hour webinar „presenting a video“ click here to log in, check your email for a password

  • Balancing pictures with verbal content
  • Technical considerations
  • Presenting techniques

Watch the week 2 session here



  • Share your story boards in Google Drive.
  • Look at others‘ storyboards and say what is good about them.
  • Use your story board and film your video clips



Printable storyboard templates




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