° Week 1 | EmployID Peer Coaching Concept (HZZ)

Welcome to week one of the Peer Coaching Online Course for HZZ!

EmployID is a European research project funded by the European Union’s Seventh Framework Programme for research, technological development an demonstration.

We try to empower Public Employment Services with Innovative Social Learning Solutions such as this peer coaching concept and training. If you are interested in what we do further check out our website http://employid.eu/. 🙂

To learn more about the team who created this online course, check here:  EmployID Peer Coaching Team.

Before starting, please answer the pre self-assessment questionaire in the list below stating „obligatory“.

Week 1




    • read through the material (see asynchronous activities)
    • full-fill the with *Obligatory highlighted tasks to receive a badge for this course at the end (and the certificate)
    • Please start this online course by answering the Pre self-assessment questionnaire (if you have already done that, you do not need to do it again till the end of the course in week 3). LINK
    • Introduce yourself in the forum under the topic “introduction” right away and let us know why you are taking this course. What is your motivation?
    • Please fill in some information of you in your profile of this online course.


    • Additional material from previous courses in English can be found here.