Peer Coaching Instructions Moderator Phase 6

Problem selection
Problem and situation
Vision and resources
Collecting further resources
Setting goals
Solution and next steps

Purpose of the phase:

In this phase the goal is to find solutions for the client and to select possible solutions, prioritize and plan next steps by the client. The peer coaching facilitator moderates the brainstorming of the advisors on possible solutions. After collecting as many as possible solutions the peer coaching facilitator can ask the client to add his own, if there are ideas. Then the peer coaching facilitatir leads the client into selecting and prioritizing the solution(s) that fit best. Afterwards the peer coaching facilitatir supports to plan the next steps: till when will the solution be transferred and how.

Process assistance (peer coaching facilitator):

  • Moderate the possible solutions given by the advisors and summarize in the end.
  • Get the client into prioritizing one or more solutions.
  • Get the client to plan the next step and how to transfer the solution.

Possible questions:

  • Based on the problem/issue/situation identified, the resources and people involved, and the options you see as possible goals, what would be the possible actions to take to move towards such objective?
  • What would be the actions you could take to measure the advance towards the solutions?
  • What solutions did you find useful?
  • Do you have ideas on other solutions, you find useful?
  • When will you be taking steps to the solution?
  • Which step will you start within the first 36 hours?
  • How will you secure transfer?

Process assistance (peer coaching facilitator):

  • Find as many solutions as possible, even possibly unrealistic ones.
  • Taking other perspectives: Ask yourself what would a witch, wizard, clown, banker, popular person XY would advise?

Phase 6 Solution and next steps.jpeg

Figure above is from the mock-up with peer coaching facilitator view.

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