Peer Coaching Instructions Moderator Phase 5

Problem selection
Problem and situation
Vision and resources
Collecting further resources
Setting goals
Solution and next steps

Purpose of the phase:

The purpose of the phase is to define a goal and a order for the group of advisors where they should brainstorm on. The peer coaching facilitator asks the client questions to define the goal for this session. After defining a goal the clinet needs to give an order to the group of advisors. The advisors listen/read actively and get ready for their task in the following phase.

Process assistance (peer coaching facilitator):

  • Support the client by introducing, e.g. SMART-rule: specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, time-bound.

Possible questions:

  • What would be the specific and measurable goals you could identify to achieve to advance/solve on the problem/issue/situation?
  • If there were any other goals, what would they be?
  • Now we looked at your strenghts and resources. What is your goal you want to achieve?
  • Can you express your goal precisely? What is your goal for this session?
  • What is your order for the advisors? On what should they brainstorm on for solutions?

Phase 5 Setting goals.jpeg

Figure above is from the mock-up with peer coaching facilitator view.

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