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Academic staff, trainer, business and online coach

Hello! My Name is Carmen (as some of you already know) and I created this Peer Coaching Online Course together with my colleagues that will also introduce themselves. I am a certified Business Coach and CAI®-certified Online-Coach, additionally I work for EmployID as academic staff at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) at the moment and I am in the end phase of my PhD. I lead the training and capacity building in EmployID and the peer coaching activities.

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Trainer, Coach

Hi, I am Pablo (as some of you already know) and I am part of the EmployID Peer Coaching Team. I am a certified Business Coach by ICF and additionally I work for Enzyme … I do do training on peer coaching together with Deirdre and Carmen.



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Employee at Croatian Public Employment Service, psychologist, soon cognitive behavioral therapist

Hello! My name is Katarina. I work almost for 10 years in Croatian  Public Employment Service (PES) , Central office in the field of career guidance and counselling. Beside that, I have experience in the development and implementation of different projects and national strategies within the broader area of the labor market and education. I studied psychology and I’m additionally trained in cognitive behavioral therapy (which I still attend). I am happy to be part of the EMPLOY ID team where I try to connect PES needs and environment with the scientific approach and research. Together with my colleagues from CES I tried to adjust the content of the training to our needs and organized the process of implementation of the course in CES.


Employee at Croatian Public Employment Service,…

Hello! My name is Tanja. I’ve worked in Croatian Employment Service (Central Office), Project Implementation Unit for a year and a half so far. I’ve gained experience in preparation and implementation of projects and I’m happy to contribute to Employ ID project, especially in developing various  new aspects of learning and relection in CES. I believe these new aspects could make contributions  to everyday work tasks of each practicioner, who is willing to give himself/herself the opportunity to grow.


Trainer, EmployID Academy developer

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Further team members of the peer coaching team are:



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