An Intro to Coaching and Peer Coaching

  • This course closed on 01/27/2018.
With Tutors Carmen Wolf,  John Marsh, Pablo Franzolini and Angela Rees

Welcome to this 1 week introduction to peer coaching!

These materials will give you a short overview of coaching and peer coaching. Peer coaching skills are used in supporting each other and solving problems, supporting people in stressful situations and improving personal well being. The importance of different techniques will be introduced as well as the core peer coaching skills.

The objectives are;

      • reflecting on the move towards peer coaching, importance of coaching techniques

      • knowledge, skills, behaviours for successful peer coaching

      • personal well-being in stressful situations and mutual peer learning

You can find more information about Peer Coaching on the EmployID Academy in the Open Peer Coaching Online Course. 

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Course Information

Estimated Time: One Week

Difficulty: Beginner


Course Instructors

Carmen Carmen Author/Tutor
JohnM JohnM Tutor
Angela Rees Angela Rees Technical Help/Tutor
Pablo Franzo Pablo Franzo Tutor



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