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MOOC Platforms

EmployID’s summary of some of the available platforms and features for hosting online courses . 

Facilitation Competences



Facilitation Competences Suggested Content Resources
1 Self Awareness Attributes of a good online facilitator?
2 Group Management Engaging students, Facilitating discussions,
3 Designing Learning experiences Content and Facilitating discussions
4 Facilitating Learning Course design, Synchronous and Asynchronous activities
5 Social Awareness Barriers to learning
6 Developing Self Self reflection
7 Developing Others Facilitating reflection on learning, Assessment and feedback

Other courses and resources

Interested to learn more? Check out the courses and resources below (external links not affiliated to EmployID);

TOOC – Teaching Open Online Courses

This course from Oxford Brookes is an intensive introduction to supporting student learning in online environments. It is designed from an education perspective but many of the themes are transferable to work-based learning.

Learning to Teach Online

This course is designed to help you develop a working understanding of successful online teaching strategies that you can apply in your own practice.