An Introduction to Open Badges and the Badge Concept

Scouts Honour

Were you a member of the Scouts or Girl Guides as a child? If so then you’ll be familiar with earning badges and displaying your badges onto your sleeve to show your achievements.

These badges are exactly the same, they recognize a series of achievements and you can display them on-line, on your cv, or share them on your social networks. You can even have physical badges embroidered if you wanted to stitch them to your clothes.

What are Open Badges?

Open Badges are digital indicators of skills.  They can be used to recognise skills learned anywhere. They are not just a pretty picture, they contain rich metadata, coded into the badge image-file, such as who issued the badge and the criteria for awarding it.

Badges could be for “hard skills” such as being able to program in HTML or for “soft skills” like collaboration or “new skills” like writing a blog post or using social media and Web 2.0.

They can be issued by anyone; professional bodies, employers, community organizations, youth groups, schools, universities, MOOCs, and even your neighbours.

Ready to earn your first badge?

To get an idea of how it works you can earn the EmployID Academy badge, simply by logging in to the platform and taking part in a discussion in the comments section on any post or page. You will be emailed with information about the badge and you can also view it by clicking “My Achievements” above.

Share your badge with…

The next step is to save your badge to your Mozilla Backpack. The Backpack enables you to collect badges from different issuers, organise them into collections and share them. You could have badges to share with friends, badges to show to potential employers, badges to do with gardening, badges for whatever…  You choose what to share and who to share it with. Simply click on the “Send to Backpack” button in “My Achievements”

Here’s my backpack, the version I choose to share with you that is!

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